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New Emerging Fashion Trends For Summer & Fall


Chokers and off-the-shoulder tops. blogger-off-the-shoulder-top-choker-necklace Image Source: Linaeroute.com off shoulder Image Source: lookbook off shoulder 2 Image Source: Pinterest Clear detailing on shoes is a major shoe trend that is just emerging. shop-the-next-huge-shoe-trend-before-its-played-out-1837097-1468531198.640x0c Image Source: Whowhatwear.com  shop-the-next-huge-shoe-trend-before-its-played-out-1837098-1468531198.640x0c Image Source: Image Source: Whowhatwear.com  We are already seeing models wearing fall's number one piece: the varsity jacket. trending-this-will-be-falls-it-jacket-1838193-1468596616.600x0c Image Source: WhoWhatWear.com trending-this-will-be-falls-it-jacket-1838197-1468596617.600x0c Image Source: Whowhatwear.com The one new denim trend to take the fashion world by storm this season? Two-tone denim. Lily-Aldridge-look-culottes-over-knee-boots-1a Image Source: Pinterest nikki-reed-blank2-e1410399042630 Image Source: DenimBlog.com the-one-denim-trend-were-going-to-see-a-lot-more-of-1817006-1466792403.640x0c Image Source: WhoWhatWear.com Cropped flares have officially become the It denim style of 2016, now it's time to transition them into fall by adding ankle boots. Madewell-High-Rise-Ankle-Bootcut-Jeans-1 Image Source: Sarahstylesseattle.com  main.original.640x0c Image Source: Pinterest this-shoes-and-jeans-combo-is-going-to-be-huge-1845858-1469219742.600x0c Image Source: WhoWhatWear.com  Maxi dresses with slightly richer colors and that contain longer sleeves, not to mention the occasional ruffle are will be hot for fall. You can still wear your floral maxis that you have now with turtlenecks or a light jacket to create the fall version too. the-fall-trend-you-already-have-hanging-in-your-closet-1848106-1469486981.640x0c Image Source: Imaxtree the-fall-trend-you-already-have-hanging-in-your-closet-1848107-1469486981.640x0c Image Source: Imaxtree the-fall-trend-you-already-have-hanging-in-your-closet-1848108-1469486981.640x0c Image Source: Imaxtree

Coachella Music Festival’s Top Fashion Trends

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Music festival season has official started and even though summer hasn’t started yet, summer style actually kicks off every year at Coachella. This isn’t just a music festival anymore it’s all about the fashion. This is the biggest celeb-packed music festival of the summer and with it comes tons of fashion trends. Take a peek at the top trends everyone will be wearing this year! Bralettes As A TopVictorias-Secret-Bralettes-2016-Photos01Bralettes are hot right now and are often worn under your clothes but why not get rid of a layer and wear it as a top on the hotter summer days? Image Source: Teen Vogue Strappy ShoescoachellaGladiator sandals scream music festival and a tall strappy sandal is the perfect bohemian look. Image Source: Pinterest.com White On WhiteGigi-Hadid-at-Coachella-2015-Day-3One of the biggest colors of the summer season is white! Pair it with gold accessories and be ready to dance the night away. Image Source: HerCampus.com Denim on Denimdenim-shirt-trendImage Source: The Jeans Blogdenim jumpsuitThe denim jumpsuit is a Coachella favorite or you could pair a denim button up with denim shorts. Image Source: Pinterest.com Romperscoachella_2015_los_mejores_looks_del_festival_463956314_3186x4779Rompers are one of the Coachella favorites. Pair a romper with leather boots or chucks and you’re ready to go! Image Source: Glamour AccessorizesaboImage Source: Digital Romper1Hats, layered jewelry, sunglasses and the perfect weekender bag  are must haves at Coachella! Image Source: The Blonde Abroad

5 Tips For Layering Jewelry


When it comes to jewelry, sometimes more is better. If done right, adding more and layering jewelry can transform the boring into a statement look. You don’t want to just pile everything on but strategically layer each piece just right. Whether you’re just getting started or a pro just looking for some inspiration, here are 5 tips to layering jewelry just right. BAUBLE_BAR_BIG_LOVE_CUFF_BRACELETS Image Source: SheFinds.com Don’t be afraid to mix and match your metals Your stack should feel like you. Don’t worry about what tradition says about pairing only gold with gold and silver with silver. Instead, feel free to pair gold with silver or rose gold to create a unique, edgy or classy look. girl back Image Source: whowhatwear.com brown jacket Image Source: suziegaffney.com Wanna Arm Party Candy Swag Bracelets Stack Jewelry Mixed Metal Elle Yeah Elodie Russo Blog Post Fashion Beauty Lifestyle H&M Michael Kors Stella and Dot UK Image Source: ELLE yeah - A Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Pair old vintage pieces with the newer modern ones Blending a new dainty ring with a vintage statement ring creates a lovely contrast. rings Image Source: www.livingly.com rings 2 Image Source: www.livingly.com Mix short and long necklaces When layering necklaces, you want to make sure your pieces are spaced out evenly. You can pair strands that are 1 to 2 inches apart in length. So you can start with a strand that is 16 inches, and then the next would be 18 inches. Then to complete the look, add the longer strand that could be 20 inches or even 22 inches. This works well with a few different dainty necklaces. necklace Image Source: www.brit.co Layering-Necklaces-2_Fashion-Style-Mag Image Source: devillefinejewelry.com necklace 2 Image Source: www.mintjewelry.co Pops of color help the stack stand out Have fun and don’t be afraid to wear different color stones together. You can mix and match similar-colored gemstone rings and create a simple ombre look. If you’re worried that your layers aren’t working, you can just start with a metal and two colors like teal, coral and gold. You could also layer one plain chain and then a colorful stone necklace to make it stand out and then another longer plain chain to add length. sweater Image Source: www.thefashionspot.com silver Image Source: www.luxandconcord.com Necklace 3 Image Source: gemgossip.com Pair chunky chain-link necklaces with dainty chains Break up heavy chain-link pieces by pairing them with other thinner chain pieces of varying lengths. You can also add in a delicate pendant piece to the mix. necklaces-for-every-neckline Image Source: blog.bodeoo.com long necklace Image Source: vogueinfatuation.com