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10 Summer Trends You Should Shop For Right Now

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Summer's approaching fast, which means it's almost time to trade in your light knits with airy tops and dresses! From dresses to sandals to purses - see the 10 pieces everyone will be wearing this summer.

1. Slip Dresses

MAVEN46-what-to-wear-this-party-season-according-to-the-celebs-amanda-seyfried-slip-dress2-700x10501 Image Source: FashionMommy.com slipdress2 Image Source: TheFashionablyBroke.com  Minimalism-Slip-Dress Image Source: MissesDressy.com woman Image Source: DressMePerfect.com 

2. Logo T-Shirts

Kristen Bell Co-Ed, April 1, 2006 ©Chris Fortuna/ContourPhotos.com/IML
©Chris Fortuna/ContourPhotos.com/IML
katie_holmes Image Source: MissInfo.TV

3. Frayed Denim Shorts & Skirts

smolt3-l Image Source: Where To Get It frayed-skirt Image Source: GlamRadar.com  Denim-Skirts-Chic-Street-Style-10 Image Source: GlamRadar.com  Denim-Skirt-Outfits-3 Image Source: JustTheDesign.com 

4. Off The Shoulder Everything

Off-The-Shoulder12 Image Source: JustTheDesign.com  Off-The-Shoulder27 Image Source: JustTheDesign.com Off-The-Shoulder15 Image Source: JustTheDesign.com  Off-The-Shoulder22 Image Source: JustTheDesign.com 

5. Halter Bikinis

ss_mumbai-gypsy-halter-and-fanned-full-or-teeny Image Source: Pinterest.com white Image Source: WhereToGetIt.com 

6. Graphic Purses

woman Image Source: BellaMumma.com  Street-Style-May-201544 Image Source: JustTheDesign.com 

7. Exaggerated Sleeves

woman style Image Source: Elan dress-shoulder-brunette-lace-shoulder+dresses-baby+pink Image Source: Pinterest.com woman dress Image Source: Elan

8. Slipper Mules

Alexa-Chung-Gucci-loafers-fur Image Source: TrendSurvivor.com  balenciaga4n-5-webWoman posing Image Source: NYDailyNews.com 

9. Gladiator Sandals

DIY-GLADIATOR-SANDALS-101-1 Image Source: apairandasparediy.com Gladiator-Sandals-Outfits-8 Image Source: JustTheDesign.com  woman posing 2 Image Source: Pinterest.com woman posing 3 Image Source: Pinterest.com 

10. Lace Up Sandals


Image Source: Abitofsass.com 


Image Source: Wheretogetit.com 


Image Source: Songofstyle.com 

What To Wear To Spring And Summer Weddings


It's officially wedding season, you’re calendar is quickly filling up and the invitations just keep pouring in. Now it’s time to decide on what to wear. Whether you're heading off to some tropical destination wedding or attending a society social, we have the some great wedding guest fashion inspiration for you here! Traditional Church Wedding: You’ll want to keep your look classy and conservative. P1-Pink-Peonies Image Source: Crossroadstrading.com  woman in city Image Source: Memorandum.com Laid-Back Backyard Wedding: You can keep your outfit casual with some walkable shoes and dress your look up with accessories.P5-Bows-and-Depos Image Source: CrossRoadsTrading.com A-Little-Dash-of-Darling-Perfect-Wedding-Guest Image Source: The Dash Of Darling Tropical Destination Beach Wedding: Tropical weekend getaways call for bold pops of color, bohemian extras & quirky accessories. summer_guest_26 Image Source:  HappyWed.com summer_guest_15  Image Source: Pinterest corla dress Image Source: Pinterest Society Social Wedding: Sleek silhouettes and sky-high stilettos. black dress Image Source: Trendwave.com 23-amazing-spring-wedding-guest-outfit-ideas-weddingomania-1000-int Image Source: Weddbook.com glittery-gold Image Source: HappyWed.com Outdoor Garden Party Wedding: Go with floral prints and ladylike accessories. off-the-shoulder-dress-for-spring-683x1024 Image Source: Dallas Style Blog woman posing Image Source: Extra Petite  spring_guest_04 Image Source: Weddbook.com

5 Tips To Find Your Prom Dress


April marks the beginning of prom season for the teen world. While prom dress shopping can be super stressful, it doesn't have to be. This can be a wonderful mother-daughter bonding activity and we wanted to share some suggestions along with a prom dress guide by body type to help you find the perfect dress for your prom night.

Call Ahead & Start Shopping Early

You'll want to start as early as you can so that you will have a wide selection of dresses to choose from. Also, if you have to order you a dress to get your size or color you want to have time for that along with alterations if they are needed. Call the store and ask if they carry dresses and to let them know you are coming in. If you can make an appointment you should do so to get that one-on-one attention.

Come Prepared

You want to wear the undergarments that you would be wearing during prom night. That way if you need something you can ask the sales associate what they would recommend with the style of dress you are purchasing. This is essential so you know exactly what your dress will look like the night of, you don't want your bra straps hanging out on prom night. Bring a pair of heels with you to try on dresses. You want to make sure the dress is tall enough or if it needs to be altered.

Don't Be Afraid To Try On Everything

You may think you won't like a dress but you'll never know until you try it on. Sometimes you may think a dress wouldn't be flattering and it looks amazing on you. Some dresses may not look like much on the rack but once off the hanger it may look stunning on.  You may have your heart set on one style but after trying on an another dress you find that style flatters your body much more.

Be Open To Different Colors & Styles

Trust me, there have been so many times that i've had my heart set on a specific color and style only to end up getting something completely different. Be open to trying colors that may not be what you were imagining, you may end up surprising yourself.

Keep Your Shopping Party Small

You don't want to go shopping for your prom dress with a large group. While it may sound like fun, it may be more of a challenge then you may think. Go with one or two people that you know you can find something you love and feel great in with.  You want someone who will give their honest opinion,  moms are the best with this and will always tell you the truth.

Prom Dress Style By Body Type

Girls Going to the Prom Outside

Apple: The midsection is where you want to keep the attention away from so you want to look for a dress that has a high empire waist. You can also wear an embellished top that draws the eye to your upper body.

Short: You may not want to go for a longer dress but instead a more petite dress. Maybe something that comes knee length and doesn't make you look shorter.

Tall: You will be able to wear a full-length dress and  these dresses look great on girls of a certain height. You can accentuate your long and lean physique with a fitted dress or go with a long flowing gown or dress with a slit.

Slim: Look for fitted gowns or gowns with a cinched waist or belt that will help give you curves and dimension.

Hourglass: Girls with an hourglass shape tend to be curvy and can wear virtually any style of dress. Your bust and hips are proportionate to each other and your body is balanced. You will want to accentuate your best asset, which is usually your waist.

Pear: You will want a dress that has a fitted top and fuller bottom. You're going to want to stay away from mermaid-style gowns. With a pear body type your waist is your best asset, so be sure to flaunt it! You want to add volume to your upper body, emphasize your small waist and de-emphasize your lower body to create a balanced silhouette. We recommend a dress with a fitted open neck or strapless top and full or A-line skirt to hide a wider hip.