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8111 East 21st Street North,

Wichita, KS  67206

Phone : (316) 201-1104

Email : wichita@apricotlaneusa.com

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Kami and Mark are both originally from Kansas. They had spent the last three years living and working in Little Rock, AR. They were considering different business opportunities but were uncertain which direction to take. That ended the moment that Kami stepped into a newly opened Apricot Lane boutique in West Little Rock. At the time she had no idea that the store was a franchise, but she loved the look of the store and the trendy merchandise that it sold.

She came home and immediately looked for more information on the Internet about the store. Once she discovered that it is a franchise with no stores located in central Kansas, Kami and Mark decided it would be a great concept for bringing fun and affordable fashion to the Wichita market.

Kami and Mark appreciate the tenants of success that Apricot Lane represents. The brand is known for bringing on-trend fashion to various markets in small quantities. That means the fun blouse you purchase from Apricot Lane won’t be worn by anyone else at your next party or gathering.

They also like the amount of focus placed on marketing and using social media to target and engage customers. Kami is an avid Facebook user and loves keeping in contact with all the friends she has made along the way. They use their sales associates as models on Facebook to showcase all the new fun inventory that comes into the store. They also utilize the value of keeping in touch with social media by offering discounts for Facebook activity and also posting links to various promotional giveaways. If you haven’t already liked their page on Facebook, now is a perfect time!

Kami has always had an eye for fashion and loves sharing her vision with the Wichita area. She and Mark are excited to be at the nicest retail center in Kansas and are happy to provide fun, affordable fashion to everyone shopping at Bradley Fair.

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