I had always wanted to open a Boutique and at one time actually thought I would just open one on my own. One day while researching Boutique Franchises I discovered the Apricot Lane Franchise. What a blessing that I decided to pick up the phone that day and make the call. After talking with them I knew immediately they would help me turn a life-long-dream into a reality. Making a smart investment and good financial decisions were very important to me and I learned quickly that the Apricot Lane Franchise would help me accomplish that. The entire process took about eight months and the Apricot Lane support staff was there with me every step of the way. Now, after more than I year into this I am so happy to say I could not have had the success I do without the wonderful resources and support the Apricot Lane Franchise has given me. The owner, Ken Petersen and his staff are the most down to earth folks that I have ever met. I love that they stand for the same values I do, which was what really sealed the deal for me. My advice to anyone considering opening a Boutique in the future is to find a great partner that has experience in the business. With that said, I highly recommend the Apricot Lane Franchise
-Loni Bienek
Bismarck, ND
I started the store four years ago with the idea of having moms and daughters come shopping together to have a wonderful experience, and it still holds true today. We also see grandma tagging along! We donate to charities, we offer summer fashion camp and we work with girls and their high schools to teach them about fashion. I do want to mention that I do love being part of the franchise. They offer buying tools, the vendor discounts are wonderful, we have monthly conference calls where we can share and learn about each other’s business because each store is unique and I do really enjoy being apart of that.
-Wendy Lytle
Louisville KY
Apricot Lane was first introduced to me by my daughter Ashley after visiting another Apricot Lane Boutique. After our online virtual discovery day, we knew Apricot Lane was a perfect fit. We soon found out that it isn’t just a franchise, but a family. The Country Visions staff is incredible! We received so much support and education, personal development and growth in the business operations. Apricot Lane has allowed our family to follow our dreams and passion for helping other people look and feel beautiful!
-Carol Johnson
Madison, WI
It’s been six years since we’ve opened our first store. Prior to being an Apricot Lane franchisee, I was a Senior Retail Executive for 25+ years. The question I’m most often asked is “why with all your retail experience, would you want to be apart of a franchise?” and the reasons are several; One would be meeting Ken. I knew that this was a culture that we would want to be apart of. Two, having come from a corporate environment, I knew that there was great power in being apart of a team. Also, Ken promised me and came through on this promise about flexibility, we get to buy what we want and we get the support of the team behind that. I knew that the name would come to be an important name in years to come and now with us approaching 100 stores, people come into our store and say they are familiar with Apricot Lane. Lastly, the power of being co-op, there’s close to 100 stores out there, we get to share information, we get to use each others information and we’re far more powerful as a group than we would be as individuals. I thought that this would be a good decision and it turned out to be a great one!
-Barry Shapiro
West Palm Beach
Country Visions is a wonderful franchise to be involved in. It’s a franchise that allows you to own your own business but yet have the help and benefits and support of being involved in a franchise. You’re allowed to purchase the merchandise that you want to carry in your store and also that your customers want. There are always bumps and stress and situations along the way of having your own business, but with Country Visions, there’s always someone there to help you along the way. Overall, being apart of Apricot Lane has been a wonderful experience in my life!
-Jeanie Anderson
Fargo, ND
During the process of opening my store in April 2012, I received a tremendous amount of help and support from everyone at Country Visions. At the Vacaville corporate headquarters, I found nothing but generous, knowledgeable and caring people to help me with the grueling task each storeowner faces with opening. I’ve built a fantastic client base in this time. I feel this is a result from great customer service, marketing, buying and operative assistance I have received from corporate resources. All I have to do is call, email or contact someone, and they’re there to help me with any problem that arises in my store day in, day out. Thank you so much!
-Nikoline Bergstrom
Los Altos, PA
Apricot Lane gave us the opportunity to open our own small business while having the security of an experienced corporate structure behind us. Having the Apricot Lane name opened doors for us to be able to have a premier retail location and the opportunity to include some of the top brands into our inventory. One of our favorite things about Apricot Lane is that we are able to embrace what makes us unique and we hand select every item that comes into our store. Getting to work together as a family and experiencing our hard work together, is one of the greatest feelings there is!
-Cathy, Craig, & Allison Young
Dallas, TX