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Fashion Week

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Hello my fellow shopaholics, and welcome back to the Apricot Lane Blog! My name is Katie and today we are going to deep dive into the latest trends in fashion, beauty and retail! From Spring fashion, New York Fashion Week, to dewy skin and shopping local! If that sounds like a good read then stay tuned!


First off, welcome back and thank you for stopping by! This blog is here to keep in touch and let you know that everything we do here at Apricot Lane Boutique is for you! If you like what you see, make sure to like/follow us on social media!


Back to business! Trends trends trends, hard to follow? Sometimes. Cute? Not always. But I am here to help you out! So far going into spring we are seeing some trends roll over from last season. Denim, denim, denim. Still loving the raw hems, flare edges, distressed and rock washed. Trenches and oversized outerwear are still pushing through Spring, so pull out those puffy jackets that your mom made you wear to go sledding and steal your aunt’s camel trench because you are on trend girl!

Fashion Week

New and now, we are seeing a lot of upcoming trends come out of New York Fashion Week 2018.  Pattern! This is a major one, from florals to muted plaids, to Disco Fever vibes from Tom Ford. Don’t be afraid to mix those mediums and you’ll be on trend, so throw on that gingham jumpsuit and pair it with a fur vest for the perfect Spring funk. Lastly color! Play with color, don’t be scared to get a bold jacket with pale blue fur trim, or a hunter green moto jacket, or even a bold hot pink mule(thank you Gucci)!

From these trends, we are seeing different techniques coming from retailers. Consumers want that unique, one of a kind look, and it’s much easier to achieve with online retailers or shopping small. Some of the best, one of a kind finds come from local boutiques who are buying current and buying on trend. Not to toot our own horn, but boutique shopping is the easiest way to get a curated, blogger look, without breaking the bank.


The Style Edit 

Moving on to the make up edit! Now, ladies I want to make one thing clear... Skin. Is. In. Say it with me! The days of high coverage, matte, caked on foundation are behind us! Sidenote, if you are a full coverage queen, keep on doing you! However, the evolution of skincare and cosmetics has merged to give us bands like Glossier, and The Ordinary who are all about skincare, and makeup combined. So, embrace the face and get that skin glowing girl! Apricot Lane always has sheet masks in stock, so we are your one stop shop.


Now that we have brought it full circle, we can talk shopping local. Apricot lane is a franchised boutique, and every time you shop you are supporting a someone’s means, promoting what is often a dream of these store owners, and you are giving back to your community. These owners are so passionate about their stores and nothing means more to them than customer happiness, driving business, supporting their town. So find your local Apricot Lane Boutique on social media today! Support your local business owners!


Life's too short, buy the outfit!


Until next time.